A very popular type of books are apocalyptic and dystopian books, but what makes them great? Why are readers so captivated by books that are so hard to relate to? Maybe, it’s because it’s a future we are scared of, and might have to face someday. The world has many problems, mass pollution, global warming, and the possibility of world war 3, and despite early warnings, nothing has been done other than minor help here and there to stop it. The fear of our future can bring us to these books because a similar apocalyptic future is looming; the future looms, but it is so unrelatable at the end of the day because of how good we have it now. Perhaps that’s also why these books catch our eyes, the curiosity of an unfamiliar life. It’s like looking at a different world or other dimension with only a ‘if this happened’ or ‘this could happen’ holding it back. Another reason could be the reader wanting to relate; the protagonist in apocalyptic/dystopian book are usually heroes. Reading is like being in a different world where you are the main character, and being a hero in these books can make a reader feel special; it can feed into someones individuality complex. In a book, you could be a hero, look into different world or even your own future which is why these types of books are so popular.

Apocalyptic and Dystopian Books

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