Moon of The Crusted Snow: Chapter 3

Evan knows that there’s a pattern going on, first, his t.v is out along with his parents, then his mothers internet is out, and signal for the phones are out. Evan even caught himself zoning out while thinking about the phones. He explains that outages like this are regular, but he also seems to be a little worried. If I could ask Evan anything, I would ask if he had  any initial thoughts of something bad coming? How long are these outages, and do they all go out at once (cable, internet, signal, etc.)? Evans father had a dream about starvation, I want to ask the author is they all felt that something was coming, even subconsciously. These are some questions I would ask because I feel like they all left the feeling of something bad coming and left it in the air to blow over; that is how I feel, and how I want someone to respond to my thoughts on the characters.