“Let’s get some munchies”


skoden is a word which means ‘let’s go then’, it is indigenous slang. A response could be stoodis or kayden. This humour was recognised by the internet and now lots of indigenous communities know of the slang from coast to coast. An Ojibway artist once spray painted the word on the Sudbury water tower on pearl street. The tower inspired memes on the internet, it’s most popularly used for a response to a proposed fight; ‘wanna fight’? ‘skoden’. Funny stuff.



“Language is power, in ways more literal than we think. When we speak, we exercise the power of language to transform reality. Why don’t more of us realize the connection between language and power?” (Julia Penelope).

In the short story, “The Island” by K. Sohail, our character can’t communicate with the police, and social worker; they talk, but they can’t understand each other. He has different ambitions than the police and social worker, or did he even have any? They understood his words, but couldn’t comprehend what they meant. 

The way we talk, our language, influences how we think. Language shows the way we see the world and affects how the world sees us; it’s our lens. Our character sees the police and the social worker differently as they see themselves and vice versa. They see the world differently, and their words transform their perspectives into reality. Words hold power, It’s just a matter of whose words hold more power to stand their ground on how they see the word, and how they wield it.